• So it begins...

    In 2016 I was blessed with the opportunity to take a trip down to Oaxaca and learn some things about mezcal. Already an avid tequila enthusiast, I had dabbled in mezcal here and there, but was curious to learn more. I never would have thought that through this one trip my life would be forever changed.

    and continues...

    Oaxaca became the new birthplace for my all enthralling love for agave. Through the magic of that experience, I realized I wanted to devout my life to learning more about this majestic plant and the distilled spirits it produces.

    Yes, mezcal.

    Yes, tequila. 

    But there is so much more!

    I hope that through educating others, filmed interaction and guided tastings, I can best capture a little bit of that cultural magic that captivated me.

    What is

    "Fueled by Agave?"

    The agave is a magical plant. So much scientific research has been dedicated to unveiling its secrets and we are still learning.

    Fueled by Agave is my way of feeding my thirst to know more. I offer private classes on the history of Mexican Spirits, cocktails and the spirit category.


    Through my interactions with distillers, bartenders, experts and enthusiasts I hope to provide a few more answers to those who want to learn more.

    SO who am i?

    I am a self proclaimed Agave Nerd.


    I'm Janice Bailon. 20+ year hospitality professional.

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    Specializing in Mexican spirits and cocktails, I provide classes for all levels. Whether you would like to dive deeper into your mezcal knowledge or learn both traditional and contemporary cocktails, I am happy to be your guide through these spirits. I am also available for bar consultations.